Dry Ice Products

Cold Jet P1500 Pelletizer
Burtek Dry Ice is proudly manufacturing our own dry ice products using the Cold Jet P1500 Pelletizer. Our equipment allows us to create a higher quality, longer lasting and more effective product
Solid Blocks
Economical and easy to use. We supply chains such as Hy-Vee, Casey’s and Cash Savers with Dry Ice Blocks for retail purchase and use. Call for directions to your nearest supplier.
Custom Cut Slices
We can cut pieces to your specific size requests. Cut pieces may be wrapped or bagged separately.
Traditional 3/4″ size used for shipping and frozen storage. Available bagged, in 500 pound roll tubs or bulk containers
Blasting Pellets
Traditional 1/4″ size used for Dry Ice Blasting and cleaning. Made on-demand for same day delivery

Dry IceĀ Applications

Perishable products on airline, trucks, railroads, recreational vehicles.
Packing & Processing
Inhibits bacteria, preserves meat, poultry, pork, and seafood.
Grinding& Blending
Retains cool temperature while mixing heat sensitive food products such as ground meat, bakery blends, flour, spice.
Shipping & Preserving
Frozen food, ice cream, pharmaceuticals, chemicals.
Industrial Science
Low temperature testing, shrink-fitting, deflashing molded rubber, rapid cooling, purging flammable vapors.
Medical Science
Preserves laboratory specimens, blood products, drugs, chemicals, and is used in clinical applications.
Emergency Storage
After mechanical or power failure in refrigerated trucks, commercial coolers, cold storage.
Blast Cleaning
Highly efficient and environment-ally friendly cleaning medium.